SeductionFAQ – A Cool, New Dating Resource

I’ve been doing my usual surfing-for-new-resources round and stumbled upon this cool site called SeductionFAQ Blog dedicated to dating and relationship advice. Check it out here at this link – – it’s quite awesome.

It’s still pretty thin at the moment, but it has got three pretty top-notch article on using psychology triggers to attract women. I particularly like the female psychology technique on getting a girlfriend which is based on using fractionation. Cool stuff.

I sent an email to the blog owner and surprisingly he responded in about an hour. He said that he had wanted to make SeductionFAQ the destination to get answers to any dating question. An encyclopaedia of sorts for the seduction world.

It remains to be seen if he reaches this objective in the end. But for now, I will go back there often to check out the new stuff that he has got. I mean, it’s already better than that lame list at The Independent.