October Man Routine

[dc]T[/dc]he October Man Sequence is easily one of the most hyped seduction tactics out there today. It’s not surprising given its reputation (seduce women in 15 minutes or less, etc), and the hypnosis trick it’s based upon (fractionation) is perhaps one of the most groundbreaking persuasion and female psychology technique ever invented by man.

The October Man Routine can be complicated, and is therefore best described using videos. Check what I found at YouTube:-

It’s rather interesting, but what’s even better is a live demonstration of how the technique works. If you’d like a video on this, just respond in the comments below and I’ll try to get Derek Rake to record a short video on this. I’ve seen him do this numerous times and it blew my mind how effortlessly he made it work by slipping in covert phrases when he talked to women. Awesome stuff.