There has been a lot of talk surrounding this technique called fractionation. Check out this link for example –

Quite a lengthy blog post (1,000 words!) about how the technique works in the context of dating, love and relationships. Remember that fractionation is a hypnosis and NLP technique – it does not exclusively belong to the seduction community or knowledge base.

Learning how to get a girlfriend using fractionation has been the mainstay of this blog for years. It is, in fact, the ultimate “shortcut” to dating success if there is ever one.

As the blog post above points out, it is important to establish some kind of a rapport with a girl before you even attempt to use fractionation on her. The basis for this is pretty simple, really. If she doesn’t trust you, then there’s nothing you are going to say is going to enter her mind.

Removing the trust barrier is therefore the first thing that you must do before you attempt to use this technique on any woman. It’s plain common sense, but many guys miss this!

SIDENOTE: That link above may not be enough and you may need to search Google for more information on fractionation. It seems that the technique also bears the same name with a scientific term – there’s a lot of nonsense in the search results and it does take some time to get to the real stuff (i.e. fractionation as related to dating, love, seduction and relationships).