How To Seduce Women With Boyfriends

Many guys wonder if it is worth it to go after women who already have boyfriends. In many cases it’s not a choice – simply because most women who are worth having are already attached. You might be in a similar situation yourself. If you want advice on how to attract a woman who already has a boyfriend then continue reading. You will discover some techniques and tricks (courtesy of on how to attract women who are already attached. Read on to discover what these techniques are and achieve killer results in less than a day or so…

How To Seduce Women With Boyfriends – Three Female Persuasion Secrets That You Must Know

  1. Learn fractionation. This is the grand-daddy of all seduction techniques and is proven to be highly effective. Now since it has got powers to mislead and manipulate people’s feelings you should never use it to bring harm to women. Do a Google search and you will be able to find lots of resources by people like Derek Rake, John Wilde, Lorna Lampanelli and other seduction gurus. Once you mastered the technique you will be able to make women anywhere fall in love with you.
  2. Practice good grooming. No women want to be with men who are sloppy and fat. If you have got a beer belly then go join the local gym already. Be nice to look at, and lose that gut. Once you fix yourself then women will be lining up to date you.
  3. Network with other seducers. If you want to be good at dating, love and relationships then you must exchange knowledge with other people who are in the same boat as you do. Hook up with the people in the seduction community and start exchanging ideas. Then, form groups and go out to approach women together. After that, discuss your ideas and findings from the field.
  4. Display social signals more prominently. Women subconsciously evaluate men everywhere they go. So if you are after a woman with a boyfriend, she will inevitably compare you with the boyfriend across all aspects. Try to match up everything that he has got – for example, if he has got a sweet piece of property in the high end part of the town then you should also get a nice bachelor pad on your own. If he has got a paltry BMW, get a Ferrari. You get the idea.

This way, you will be able to improve your seduction game and finally be able to seduce any woman with boyfriend with little to no effort at all.