How To Get A Girlfriend

Do you want to learn how to get a girlfriend? If so, then you aren’t alone. As of this moment, there are literally millions of guys out there who want to get a girlfriend that will make their lives feel more complete. Unfortunately, not a lot of guys actually know how to get a girlfriend to begin with or even to attract one.

Well, the good news is that you can learn how to find a special someone who will complete your life, thanks to this article. In fact, just by reading this article, you can learn seven fundamental tips on how to get a girlfriend in no time and actually end up with one that you really like – believe it.

How to Get a Girlfriend – Seven Tips on Getting a Girl to be Your Steady

  • Tip Number One: Work on your skills of attraction.

Alright. Before you can start thinking about learning how to get a girlfriend, you have to

work on your actual personality and your overall pickup skills first – remember that. The key here is to attract not just any girl, but to attract your ultimate dream girl. So, while meeting different girls, one thing you have to focus on is displaying the different traits that girls tend to find attractive to begin with.

In other words, you have to concentrate on and try to improve the most important things in the world of seduction: building up your levels of confidence; approaching girls, in general; talking to girls with confidence; building rapport and proper chemistry with girls you are interested in; and working on your seduction skills. When you’ve nailed all these then mastering the art of how to get a girl to like you is easy-peasy.

  • Tip Number Two: Know exactly what you are looking for.

While learning how to get a girlfriend, it would also be vital to figure out what your type of girl is to begin with. As with other goals you might have in life, it would be easy to reach your desired goals in the dating world if you understand and know exactly what you are vying for. Think about it.

Therefore, if you would like to learn how to get a girlfriend, then you also have to think about the kind of girl you would like, in general. Some of the things you should take into consideration here would include:-

  1. Her age,
  2. Her nationality,
  3. Her body type,
  4. Her personality,
  5. Her educational level
  6. Her intelligence level
  7. Her social background,
  8. Maybe even the color of her hair and her eyes.
  • Tip Number Three: Hang out at all of the right places.

As simple as this might sound, the best way to really learn how to get a girlfriend and find your dream girl at the same time would be to go to places that you think she might frequent. In the previous tip, you learned how to pinpoint your ideal girl. Well, now that you know exactly what she’s supposed to be like, you should also have a clearer picture of what her interests and personality are supposed to be like, too.

So, the best piece of advice here would simply be to go to places where you think your dream girl might hang out. If you like sporty girls, for instance, you might want to go to sporting events or hit the gym to find her.

  • Tip Number Four: Approach different girls and date different girls at once.

Probably the worst thing you could do while learning how to get a girlfriend would be to seriously date the very first one that you find interesting. Instead, you have to try and date different girls at once in order to figure out which one would be perfect for you. In fact, if possible, you should try and approach every girl that you find interesting and try to get them to go on dates with you.

See, if you date a lot of girls at once, you will end up getting a more realistic view of the things that you really want in a relationship. Once you see the things that you wouldn’t want, you can then get a better idea of what the perfect girlfriend should have in store for you.

  • Tip Number Five: Qualify girls and make them appreciate you more.

If you aren’t completely oblivious to how the female mind works, you must have noticed by now that most girls tend to qualify guys before they date them. Although they might not always use the best methods of qualification out there, they still get around to it somehow.

Basically, most girls will simply refuse to date the first guy who approaches them. Instead, they will wait and see which one qualifies first. Well, why not play the same game as these girls, then, and do the same thing? After all, you want to date a girl who actually appreciates you, right? So, how about standing by a strict qualifying process for a change and don’t date the girls who do not measure up to it? If someone doesn’t measure up to your qualifications, then just move on to the next girl. It’s as easy as that. If you want to know the surefire way on how to seduce a girl at lightning speed then this is it.

One of the best ways to play this mind game on women is to use this technique called Fractionation. More on this later, but this technique is known to be the grand-daddy of all covert seduction tactics, and reputedly has the powers to make women fall in love in 15 minutes upon the approach.

  • Tip Number Six: Choose the girl you want to date.

The sixth tip in learning how to get a girlfriend is also the easiest one. Once you have gone on several dates with a girl that you are interested in, you will probably start to develop stronger feelings for her if things keep going well. So, once you really click with one of these girls, you can then make your decision and ask her to be your steady girlfriend if you want.

Now in order to always get a YES answer when you ask a girl to be your girlfriend, read on the final tip below…

  • Tip Number Seven: Use covert persuasion.

If you’re not using covert persuasion and influence techniques in your dating, then you’re losing out – plain and simple. Masters of seduction have been (quietly) using these techniques to make women fall in love with them quickly – and this is done in the matter of minutes. Female psychology techniques are really powerful when it comes to seducing women. An example of this technique is the October Man Routine.

There is a risk that this technique might be harmful to women if it gets abused, and for that reason, I must ask you to use it responsibly and without malice.

Finally, I cannot be held responsible for the actions you choose to take resulting from the knowledge that you’ll get from the video. Thank you for understanding.

How To Pick Up A Woman

If you are here because you want to master and the art of seduction and pickup then you are definitely at the right place and at the right time. At this day and age, seducing women and making them fall in love with you can be hard because the competition is intense. The fact is that the guys who are after the same women as you do are already equipped with the seduction techniques that they read off the Internet. That is why you tend to see lots of guys hitting on women using pickup lines and seduction routines that they learn from sites and forums online where master seducers share their love and dating knowledge.

But don’t worry because I’m going to help you. With the techniques and tactics that I’m going to show you in this short blog post, you will be able to compete against the best when it comes to dating and seducing girls. Continue reading so that you can find out for yourself amazingly effective seduction tactics which you can now use in order to attract any girl and make her like you (in about 16 minutes or even less if you are good).

How to pick up women using super effective female psychology loophole techniques and tactics

  1. Your first step is obviously to go to where your ideal girlfriend would hang out. Of course you can find women almost anywhere. This means that you should not make the mistake of trying to hit on women that you meet at nightclubs and bars only. In fact it is much easier to get a favorable response if you approach women during the day at common places such as bookshops, the grocery store, yoga classes, cooking classes and restaurants. If you are aware of your environment that you will be able to see that there is an abundance of women who are out there looking for dates. Keep your eyes open and you will see opportunities to pick up women anywhere. Also, do not overlook the importance of Internet all online dating. Websites like and a good places for you to meet women. Techniques from sites like are worth their weight in gold.
  2. Secondly, when you talk to a girl remember to always keep her engaged. Remember the Cardinal sin of seduction – never appear to be boring. If you bore the living daylights out of a girl, you can bet that she won’t be impressed with you. Always be interesting. An easy way to do this is to have already set of interesting conversational pieces that you can use in any situation. Have a bunch of stories that you can tell that will impress any girl. Also, start a couple of conversational topics at the same time. This way you will never need to just rely on one particular topic, and as a result, you won’t be running out of things to say to a girl.
  3. These seduction tactics and tricks will already give you an advantage when it comes to competing with other guys while after the same as you are. If you want more super powered seduction techniques that you should check out the advanced mind control techniques such as fractionation and female loophole tactics that are reputedly able to make women fall in love in as little as 60 minutes or even less. These techniques can be dangerous if abused. Therefore, if you are a beginner, then stick to simple but effective techniques as I have shared with you above.

Some cool resources on online dating to check out: here, here and here.

How To Seduce Women With Boyfriends

Many guys wonder if it is worth it to go after women who already have boyfriends. In many cases it’s not a choice – simply because most women who are worth having are already attached. You might be in a similar situation yourself. If you want advice on how to attract a woman who already has a boyfriend then continue reading. You will discover some techniques and tricks (courtesy of on how to attract women who are already attached. Read on to discover what these techniques are and achieve killer results in less than a day or so…

How To Seduce Women With Boyfriends – Three Female Persuasion Secrets That You Must Know

  1. Learn fractionation. This is the grand-daddy of all seduction techniques and is proven to be highly effective. Now since it has got powers to mislead and manipulate people’s feelings you should never use it to bring harm to women. Do a Google search and you will be able to find lots of resources by people like Derek Rake, John Wilde, Lorna Lampanelli and other seduction gurus. Once you mastered the technique you will be able to make women anywhere fall in love with you.
  2. Practice good grooming. No women want to be with men who are sloppy and fat. If you have got a beer belly then go join the local gym already. Be nice to look at, and lose that gut. Once you fix yourself then women will be lining up to date you.
  3. Network with other seducers. If you want to be good at dating, love and relationships then you must exchange knowledge with other people who are in the same boat as you do. Hook up with the people in the seduction community and start exchanging ideas. Then, form groups and go out to approach women together. After that, discuss your ideas and findings from the field.
  4. Display social signals more prominently. Women subconsciously evaluate men everywhere they go. So if you are after a woman with a boyfriend, she will inevitably compare you with the boyfriend across all aspects. Try to match up everything that he has got – for example, if he has got a sweet piece of property in the high end part of the town then you should also get a nice bachelor pad on your own. If he has got a paltry BMW, get a Ferrari. You get the idea.

This way, you will be able to improve your seduction game and finally be able to seduce any woman with boyfriend with little to no effort at all.

About This Website

If you want to learn more about this website, you will find the About Naeemah page useful. We strive to provide quality information on dating and seduction – guaranteed to improve your relationships with women. Good luck with your pickup conquests!

Amazing Ways To Attract Women Quickly And Easily

By now you should have heard of stories where men would quickly seduce women to bed (some say in 15 minutes or less) using this “covert psychology” technique called fractionation. Have you ever wondered if it’s all just hype, or if there is substance to the whole thing?

If you really want to know, then female psychology seduction techniques actually do exist, and yes, fractionation is one of them. However, knowing such techniques is one thing – actually getting results from them is another. There are just too many wannabe guru’s out there who claim to teach this stuff without really knowing them in the first place. These are hardcore hypnosis and persuasion techniques which are not usually easily mastered by the layman, unfortunately.

You may be smitten by someone who considers you a friend, and you want to turn that friend into a lover. Fractionation fits the bill! If used correctly, then she will start seeing you as a potential boyfriend. With these little tricks you can practically hack into a woman’s mind and get her to like you. It’s really easy to do, but then, only if you know how. Love and relationships don’t have to be complicated!

Watch this video below and everything will become clearer indeed.



October Man Routine

[dc]T[/dc]he October Man Sequence is easily one of the most hyped seduction tactics out there today. It’s not surprising given its reputation (seduce women in 15 minutes or less, etc), and the hypnosis trick it’s based upon (fractionation) is perhaps one of the most groundbreaking persuasion and female psychology technique ever invented by man.

The October Man Routine can be complicated, and is therefore best described using videos. Check what I found at YouTube:-

It’s rather interesting, but what’s even better is a live demonstration of how the technique works. If you’d like a video on this, just respond in the comments below and I’ll try to get Derek Rake to record a short video on this. I’ve seen him do this numerous times and it blew my mind how effortlessly he made it work by slipping in covert phrases when he talked to women. Awesome stuff.


There has been a lot of talk surrounding this technique called fractionation. Check out this link for example –

Quite a lengthy blog post (1,000 words!) about how the technique works in the context of dating, love and relationships. Remember that fractionation is a hypnosis and NLP technique – it does not exclusively belong to the seduction community or knowledge base.

Learning how to get a girlfriend using fractionation has been the mainstay of this blog for years. It is, in fact, the ultimate “shortcut” to dating success if there is ever one.

As the blog post above points out, it is important to establish some kind of a rapport with a girl before you even attempt to use fractionation on her. The basis for this is pretty simple, really. If she doesn’t trust you, then there’s nothing you are going to say is going to enter her mind.

Removing the trust barrier is therefore the first thing that you must do before you attempt to use this technique on any woman. It’s plain common sense, but many guys miss this!

SIDENOTE: That link above may not be enough and you may need to search Google for more information on fractionation. It seems that the technique also bears the same name with a scientific term – there’s a lot of nonsense in the search results and it does take some time to get to the real stuff (i.e. fractionation as related to dating, love, seduction and relationships).

Ways To Turn A Friend Into A Devoted Lover

Ever wondered how you can make a long time friend your girlfriend? Well, so you’ve got the hots for your friend and desperately want to get her into the sack. So what do you do?

Don’t worry, for I have got your back. Read on to discover the techniques on how to turn a friend into a devoted lover in no time at all. She will stop taking you as a mere “friend” and start considering you as her boyfriend. It’s quite simple if you know how, really. Read on to discover the tips and tricks you can use to make a friend your girlfriend…

Ways To Turn A Friend Into A Devoted Lover

Our friends at SeductionFAQ has published an article on how to get out of the friend zone – which is highly appropriate because that’s WHERE you start – in the friend zone! Once you have mastered that technique, then learn how to turn a friend into your girlfriend. Easy, really.

How To Get A Girl To Like You

[dc]I[/dc]f you are still scratching your head and wondering how to get started on how to get girls to like you then you are not alone.Many guys are just as clueless as you are, and not many of them are fortunate enough to get help from masters like Neil Strauss, Derek Rake or David DeAngelo when it comes to sorting out their love lives.

In fact, many guys shoot themselves in the foot when they discover that they have been doing the wrong thing as far as dating women is concerned. They often find themselves relegated to the dreaded friend zone and struggle to get out of it. Master seducer Derek Rake has often helped his clients who are struggling to escape the friend zone and he boasts a rather high success rate.

What You Need To Do

Now if you are in a same situation when it comes to getting girls to like you then you must work hard and go study the works of the seduction greats such as Derek Rake, Edward Lee and Mystery. Remember that success often comes at a price – hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Of all the techniques that you need to master, the ability of knowing how to hold a decent conversation with a girl without coming across as a sleazebag is very valuable. Go ahead and acquire this technique. You will not regret it!

SeductionFAQ – A Cool, New Dating Resource

I’ve been doing my usual surfing-for-new-resources round and stumbled upon this cool site called SeductionFAQ Blog dedicated to dating and relationship advice. Check it out here at this link – – it’s quite awesome.

It’s still pretty thin at the moment, but it has got three pretty top-notch article on using psychology triggers to attract women. I particularly like the female psychology technique on getting a girlfriend which is based on using fractionation. Cool stuff.

I sent an email to the blog owner and surprisingly he responded in about an hour. He said that he had wanted to make SeductionFAQ the destination to get answers to any dating question. An encyclopaedia of sorts for the seduction world.

It remains to be seen if he reaches this objective in the end. But for now, I will go back there often to check out the new stuff that he has got. I mean, it’s already better than that lame list at The Independent.

How To Talk To A Girl

[dc]D[/dc]o you want to learn how to start a conversation with a girl? Don’t worry. A lot of guys do. Unfortunately, while these tactics may come naturally to some guys, others simply have no idea where to start or how to keep girls interested. Learning how to get a girlfriend would be incomplete without knowing how to master the art of conversational seduction.

Also, a lot of guys have trouble learning how to start a conversation with a girl because they are absolutely terrified of the idea of it . Well, here are some tips that will help you out.

How To Talk To A Girl

  • Exude confidence.

Picture of How To Get A GirlfriendOne thing you should know is that girls love confident guys who make the first move. So, if you are currently one of the shy guys out there, what you should do is watch how other men work at impressing girls.

You will probably notice that they don’t behave any differently when they’re with their friends or when they’re with girls. They simply appear confident and natural. See, if you appear to be making moves that are physical, things will look natural, logical and smooth. Try it.

  • Don’t talk too much.

If you are shy, then that probably means that you never know what to say. Well, if this is the case, don’t worry. Girls like to talk a lot anyway, so just be responsive and listen to what she has to say. Knowing how to talk to a girl also means knowing when to be silent.

Now, if you have trouble starting up a conversation with someone you are interested in, in general, then just try to compliment her in several ways first. This will definitely make her happy and get you brownie points in no time. Remember: if you can please a girl quickly, then your conversation will flow much better, as well.

  • Do not compare girls with other girls.

This is probably the most important tip that you will learn while learning how to start a conversation with a girl – end of story. Some women are competitive, but most don’t appreciate it if they get compared to other women.